Radiance 2018

Radiance 2018

Call me old school,  but I like to make fresh work every year building slightly on the previous years work. I made a decision this year to only make work using round formatting. Since I prefer not to work on canvas I had to get my round aluminum and wood surfaces custom made. The work so far varies from 14" to 24" in diameter. I added some new materials, most notably colored glass. I reintroduced the human figure which I have not had in my work since 1995. I set out to make art that yields more humor and I found my muse in nostalgic photos that I digitally edit, cut and paste. I cannot begin to describe how fun these pieces have been to make despite the countless hours involved. 

I made two styles that you see here. My processes are similar, paint then resin, glass then resin, paper then resin and on and on. The Bottom image I call the Kaleidoscope series. For those, I hand paint paper and cut to various sizes. As I am in the decorating business I also use designer wallpaper scraps which is incredible to work with! I also employed thread, fabric and  stitchery floss which is a nod to my earliest art forms as a young girl.

I work with color and form very intuitively, I like certain shapes that imply movement. My work has become very directional with forms and colors moving together in groups, sometimes interacting, occasionally bumping around in chaos. What does it mean? Probably nothing and most likely everything.