Laguna ArtAFair


777 Laguna Canyon Rd, LB, CA





My third generation of abstract paintings continue to explore chemical reactions in the search for happy accidents. Movement has been a constant theme in this work. Shapes of varying colors and sizes moving together and sometimes intersecting. Explosions like lighting rain down from above while the shapes continue upward on their journey. What does it all mean? My work is usually a subconscious commentary on  my hopes for humanity. But it is abstract and for the viewer it can mean whatever they bring to it.

 Adopting the butterfly image really shocked and scared me for various reasons. But it mesmerized me and I started seeing it in a new way. I read about how the caterpillar absorbs its own eyes and internal organs and restructures them making a complete transformation. I had quite a transformative year myself and I think that is why it resonates so deeply now. There is a lot of power in that delicate process. So please enjoy, Love and Light, Cindy Beatteay