My Latest work continues to explore what I call "Chemical Reactive Painting". I utilize oils, acrylics, inks, powders, resins and solvents to build my paintings layer upon layer, finishing with a glassy resin coating. The result has a shimmer like sunshine hitting the tide pools, with lots of activity happening below the resin surface. The colors, textures and chemical reactions are all magnified by the glassy surface. Scientists now know that our attraction to shine and gloss comes from our fundamental need of water, essential for survival. My wish is for viewers to look at my work with a sense of wonder and exploration without having to identify anything specific. 2016

Inherent in these paintings below are two major components. First is the primal feelings I get from working with the materials. The work is about painting and understanding the chemistry of the mediums and how to manipulate them into something significant. My technique focuses on chemical reactions layered between flood coats of resin to achieve depth and complexity.

The second component is my reverence for the natural world where most of my ideas are conceived. In this series I used images of Deep Space and Deep Sea as my jumping off point. My Intention is to evoke a place of mystery, a world unknown, a dark and dangerous beauty that is lit from within. I think about the natural characteristics of the oceans and outer space and how I can create that feeling with paint.  2013